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FAQS About Our Services


It is our goal to provide you with the best lawn care but also the easiest account management possible. For this reason, we require that an account is set up with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express for billing purposes. We do not want you to even have to think about your lawn! We charge your credit card the business day following a service.

Our pricing is determined by the size of your lawn and how often you request service to be performed. All prices are before applicable sales tax required by Texas Law. You have access to your account history, billing information and services through our client portal 24/7.

If you’ve got a question, the answer may be here. Take a quick look, and if you don’t find the answer, please contact us. We’ll contact you back in 24 hrs or less.


  1. Why do sprinkler heads get damaged?

It is very common for sprinkler heads to get damaged by lawn equipment. Irrigation systems require regular maintenance just like most other systems on your property. The 2 common causes of irrigation damage is when the ground shifts and moves the heads into a more hazardous position then when they were originally installed and when the spring loaded sprinkler head has worn out. Both of these issues are common in even the most pristine landscapes. If you have a busted sprinkler head don’t worry! All you have to do is mark the damaged head with anything from a irrigation flag to a chop stick, contact our office and we will be right out to repair the head. You do not have to be home for this.

  1. Why do you mow when my lawn is wet?

As a professional lawn care service our clients expect us to keep their grass mowed on schedule. This requires us to make good judgement calls on when to delay a mow. During months of the year when your lawn is actively growing it is better for us to come out and mow the lawn wet than it is to skip the lawn and run the risk of it going multiple weeks without a cut. There are times when ruts may be created in your lawn due to the lawn being wet when mowed. These ruts are almost always temporary and self fix as the lawn dries out.
If you ever feel like your lawn is to wet to be mowed on your scheduled day please contact us right away and we will be happy to pause your service. We do our best to make the best decision for our clients but because of the subjectivity of this type of situation it can be hard to get right every time for every client’s preferences.

  1. Do you recommended bagging my lawn?

Most North Texas lawns are Bermuda or St. Augustine grass. Neither of these grasses needs to be bagged during the spring, summer and fall cuts. We use mulching mowers that recycle the clippings back into the grass and help provide nutrients to the soil. We bag all lawns that we mow from December- February each year to ensure that we pick up any of the dead thatch that has built up throughout the year. There is no additional cost for bagging in these months. Zoysia grass on the other hand, which is less common in North Texas does need to be bagged for it to look its best. If you do in fact have Zoysiagrass please notify our office and we’ll make sure to bag your Zoysia grass. We offer to bag any type of grass at an additional cost but we do not recommend it.

  1. How do you determine the height that you cut my lawn?

We determine what height to cut your lawn by a number of factors but most commonly it is based on the time of year. When we begin mowing your lawn in the spring we will mow it lower. As the temperatures warm up your grass usually needs to be cut higher in order to combat the heat. During the hot summer months we mow your lawn very high allowing it to be as thick and green as possible. As the weather begins to cool down in fall we will slowly begin to cut the lawn a little shorter each week. If you would like your lawn cut higher or shorter at any time please contact our office and we will do our very best to cut your lawn at the height you prefer. For bi weekly cuts this can be more challenging during certain times of the year.

  1. What happens if damage is caused on my property?

Contact our office right away. Any time you see potential damage that may have been caused by our mowing crews please let us know right away. We have vendors and staff members on call to handle these situations right away. Please do not contact an outside vendor for the repair before contacting us.

  1. How often do you bill? How do I pay you?

Under our service agreement, we bill your account immediately after a service is performed. The following business day, we then automatically charge your saved credit card for the balance. We accept all major credit and debit cards and do require a cc on file for service. This allows us to provide the best service at the best price.

  1. How normal is fence damage?

Fence damage is very common. Many fences are not properly engineered with lawn mowing in mind. If your fence has pickets with grass going along them in stead of some kind of runner it is very common for trimmer line from the weed eater to create a line and eventual divot in the fence pickets that gets worse over time. A board on board fence makes this even more likely if there is not runner at the bottom of the fence.
Gates are the most common area of damage. If you ever have a question about your fence and potential damage please contact our office right away and we will have someone out to assess the damage and set up any repairs if needed.

  1. How do the mowers move so fast?

We use high end commercial grade lawn mowers. These mowers are the best you can buy and generally cost 2-3 times what an average mower costs. These mowers are self propelled and are made to move at a much faster pace than a standard walk behind mower. The key is to ensure that blades are nice and sharp. That is why we add a fresh sharp blade every day. This is not a common practice.

  1. If I have a service concern how do I communicate it to you?

There are a number of ways for you to communicate any and all concerns or questions.
1. You may email our office directly at
2. You may call or text our office at 469.850.2811. We encourage you to NOT try and communicate your needs with our staff while at your home because they often times do not have the ability to notate your account and often times this will create an issue down the road, however, you are more than welcome to do so and we will always do our very best to ensure your needs are met.

  1. Do you recommend scalping my lawn?

In some cases scalping is necessary but in most cases scalping is a lot of work for very little gain. If your lawn is healthy it should just need what we call a minor scalp, which is just cutting the grass.

  1. Does the mowing services include weeding beds or shrub trimming?

During the months your lawn is actively growing (April-October) we recommend weekly mowing. A lawn mowed every two weeks has 2 times the growth of a lawn mowed weekly. Because there is more grass to cut, it takes us longer.

  1. Does someone need to be home when you mow?

Nobody has to be home when your lawn is mowed. All we need is access to all areas of your property that have grass.

  1. Do you do landscape design or planting?

Yes, we do offer landscaping services. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation. One of our team members will assess your needs and provide a custom, competitive bid.

  1. What If I am not happy with a service?

All of our services are guaranteed. If you are not happy with a service performed on your property, contact us right away. Depending on the need we will
1. Send a supervisor out to have a look and fix the issue. 2. Send the crew back to fix the issue. 3. Set up a meeting with a supervisor to get the issue resolved. 4. Correct the issue on the next scheduled visit. 5. Schedule a supervisor to meet the crew at your property to correct the issue.

  1. What if my lawn didn’t get mowed on my scheduled day?

Other than a rain delay or a very rare circumstance we should never miss a scheduled cut. In the case of a delay we will always be out the following day. If you are looking at your lawn and do not believe someone has been out please call us within 48 hours of your scheduled cut so we may investigate the issue and get it resolved immediately.

  1. How do you determine my price?

Our mow prices are based on the size of your lawn. We use a software that is based on google maps and allows us to measure the square footage of your grass. The lower the square footage, the lower your price. Our minimum price starts at 3000 sq. ft. and goes up to 10,000 sq. ft. We do not provide service to lawns larger than 10,000 sq. ft.

  1. Do you require a minimum number of mows?

Depending on how full our schedules are we offer two different mowing frequencies, weekly mowing and every two weeks or bi weekly mowing. There is no minimum number of mows or contracts with any of our services. While we do not offer a one time mow service we also do not require a certain number of mows.

  1. Do you provide service on Saturdays?

We do not use Saturday as a regularly scheduled mowing day. We use Saturday as a make up day in the case of weather delays we may have had throughout the week and in more rare cases to make up for other possible delays.

  1. Can I choose my mow day?

We always try to get every client on a mow day of their choice however, the day we mow your lawn each week is generally based on the zip code of your property. We are normally in each zip code multiple days per week but this is not always the case.

  1. What happens when it rains or you get delayed?

Rain is the most common cause of any delays with your mowing. We do our best to work through light to medium amounts of rain when safe depending on the upcoming forecasts. If we get behind for any reason we will always be out the following day. We never skip properties or leave work incomplete due to delays.

  1. Do you weed eat flower bed areas?

Our mow crews provide mowing service to all areas of your property that would be considered “the yard”. Areas that are enclosed by a border or that have shrubbery are considered to be flower beds and would require a Bush & Bed Service. Our professional mowing crews are experts at one thing, mowing grass. We have expert Bush & Bed options available for areas that would not be considered “the yard” and may require more detail than just mowing grass.

  1. Service Days

We work Monday through Friday. If necessary, we will use Saturdays to help make up for any rain delays. We will be in certain neighborhoods on certain days, and will provide you with a specific service day for your lawn. We make every effort to maintain the same route every week. Several factors can affect our schedule, so we cannot guarantee an exact time or specific time range each service day.

  1. Rain Delays and Holidays

Because we follow a strict schedule, we don’t have the luxury of “taking off” on holidays or when it lightly rains. We mow in light rain or after the rains subsides. Be aware that only you can make judgment if it is too wet to mow on rainy days. You must call or e-mail us in advance to skip a mow, not when we show up, otherwise a trip charge will still apply. If you skip a service, your next mow will be your next scheduled day. Typically, if it rains heavily throughout the day, we will be there the next day, weather permitting. If it rains any day in the week prior to your mow day, your mow day could be pushed forward one day as we work to get back on schedule. We do not skip unless requested, if we do skip or miss a service day, we will contact you to inform you why we were unable to make it out for your scheduled mow day.

  1. Schedule Changes and Skips

If for any reason, you need to re-schedule, cancel or skip a service, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance by phone, or e-mail us at We will make every effort to make the change if you contact us within 24 hours, but with no guarantees. After a skip, your service will be picked back up on the next scheduled service date for your yard. Our crews will not decide if your yard needs to be cut, so you will need to call or email us to cancel or skip a scheduled mowing.

  1. Service Cancellation

No same day cancellations are accepted. There is no obligation by either party to continue service and you may cancel service at any time. We hope that you stay with us for the entire season, and we promise to make every effort to earn your business loyalty.

  1. Lot Sizes

Lawn sizes are determined by utilizing online measurement tools and either the Collin and/or Denton County Central Appraisal Districts websites. For larger lots or lots with multiple levels or excessively steep areas, or any lot that is out of the normal characteristic for our area, please fill out the Request For Service form and we will be happy to assist you with a personalized quote for your lawn.

  1. Service Issues

We strive for your complete satisfaction with every service we provide. While we are unable to give refunds or credits, we will send the crew back to correct any reasonable service issues, without any additional charges, provided that you contact us within 24 hours of the service. Otherwise, we will consider the work satisfactory. If you contact us after 24 hours, we will talk to our crew about your complaint in order that it will be corrected on your next service.

  1. Bi-Weekly Service

Bi-weekly services are offered, but we do not recommend this service, especially in the faster growing portion of the season (May – August). Your yard growth may vary due to a variety of conditions, i.e. watering and fertilizing schedules, etc. We also will not cut the grass shorter than industry accepted standards, which recommends only cutting 1/3 off the grass height each mowing. Bi-weekly servicing lends itself to such problems and complaints as the following: thatch build-up, grass clumps, excessive grass clippings, grass lines or ridges which appear that we skipped while mowing, and the appearance of an uneven cut in the yard. Unfortunately, we will not be able to send crews back to correct these issues or guarantee these services as we do on our weekly services.

  1. Property Damage

If there is any property damaged by our crew, the most common being hidden sprinkler heads, please contact us immediately, within 7 days, so we can make a timely professional repair at our expense. **We will not honor any request for repair expenses for damaged property that we were not made aware of and allowed to rectify beforehand.** If we are unable to repair the problem professionally we will make arrangements to hire someone who is qualified.

  1. Yard Access

Your gate must remain unlocked for the full day of your regularly scheduled service. If you prefer not to unlock your gate, we recommend that you use combo locks and that you provide us with the password or combination. Sorry, we are unable to send our crews back or issue any credit for not mowing inside a locked fenced area.

  1. Pets/Yard Debris

We appreciate your letting us know if you have any pets that are kept outside so that the crews will be aware of them. Our crews will make every effort not to let your pet through the gate, but we cannot guarantee your pet will not escape from your yard. Please leave your pet inside on your scheduled service days. Please pick up all pet droppings, toys, large bones, large rocks, etc. the day before we mow. If hit by a lawn mower, objects like these in your yard are hazardous to our workers and others. Serious damage can occur to your property, our equipment or our crews.



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